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Arrow Educational Services, Inc.
Arrow Educational Services, Inc.
Arrow Educational Services, Inc.
Arrow Educational Services, Inc.
Arrow Educational Services, Inc.
Arrow Educational Services, Inc.


Our superintendent search services include the following, but are not necessarily limited to these items

Dr. Marshall and Mr. Dunlap realize the need for assistance in the search for a superintendent of schools and are, therefore, committed to providing this assistance at the lowest possible cost.


Arrow Educational Services, Inc. will work with the board, employees and community in developing a profile of the personal and professional qualities and qualifications desired in a superintendent.  From this profile, Arrow will recruit proven, highly successful educators for the position of superintendent.  This will be done through personal contacts and advertisements on statewide and national job placement boards, internet sites, universities, service centers, and individual district contacts.

We will work closely with the board during the entire process.  This includes advertising the position, screening of applicants, full reference checks, and assistance in developing the offer of employment to the top candidate.  We also schedule interviews and work directly with the board on interview protocol, candidate questions and all other aspects of the search.

Role of Arrow

  1. Act in an advisory capacity for school board members throughout the search process
  2. Assist with determining timelines for conducting the search process
  3. Advertise the position
  4. Collect applications
  5. Screen applicants and assist in determining finalists for the superintendency
  6. Assist with determining the provisions of employment
  7. Assist in developing interview questions and procedures
  8. Perform personal reference checks of final candidates
  9. All other duties necessary for a successful search

Role of the District

  1. Engage Arrow Educational Services, Inc. to assist with the search
  2. Establish timelines for conducting the search
  3. Provide information about the district to Arrow for advertising the position
  4. Determine provisions of employment
  5. Conduct interviews
  6. Announce finalist(s) 21 days before the employment of a superintendent
  7. Conduct a home district visit, if desired
  8. Conduct Criminal Records Checks
  9. Appoint the superintendent

As Texas Education Agency certified school board trainers, we will offer three hours of team building credit to each board member after completion of the search.  This will be done through the search process or delivered after the new team is in place.