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Read This First!

Applying for: Superintendent, Zavalla ISD (AES-1599496696)

Thank you for your interest in this position.  
Please scroll through to the bottom of the page and read the entire document.  When you have read the whole page, a blue bar will appear on the right at the bottom of the page confirming that you have read the entire document and you will comply with all instructions. 
It is critical to follow all directions explicitly for your application to receive the consideration it deserves. 
Some candidates want to include more than is required.  Do not do that.  Include ONLY the items requested.  

You must complete a separate application for each district/job. 

1) Complete the application form accurately.

2) Submit ONLY these five documents merged into a single PDF.

  • A detailed letter of interest specific to the district and job for which you are applying
  • Current resume
  • Copy of your current Texas SBEC superintendent certification
  • List of references from recent employers with daytime and nighttime telephone numbers
  • Status of your current contract (time remaining, total salary & benefits package; do not include a copy of your contract)
  • Please - THIS IS IMPORTANT -- submit NO TRANSCRIPTS, NO letters of reference, NO presentation materials in this application packet.  When we need additional information, we will contact you.

When you have completed submitting your information on the electronic form, attach the requested documents in the boxes indicated.  If you are able to combine all documents into a single PDF file, place that PDF in the "Letter of Interest" box and leave the other boxes blank.  Any other documents must be Microsoft Word, Word compatible, and must be placed in the identified box.  Please, No zip files, No Google Docs, And remember - NO TRANSCRIPTS, letters of reference, dissertations, or presentation materials

Hints to help clarify information you submit on the application form:  

1) Your "Current Position" should indicate your current level and/or area of responsibility, i.e. Elem Principal; or MS Principal; or HS Principal; if you are "Coordinator", "Director",  "Assistant Superintendent", "Chief of Schools", "Administrator" etc.  identify your area of responsibility.

2) "Current Salary Package" is a total $ value of all salary plus benefits.  Specific details may be included in documents you submit.

3) Carefully review every item on the application form and correct any error before submitting.  You can not revise information once it is submitted.

After you have submitted all your application materials, you will receive an application transaction ID. Please keep this ID in your records in the event you need to contact us with changes or updates to your application.  Also you should receive an email confirming receipt of your documents.  If you do not receive this confirmation email, please check your spam folder, trash, etc. and if you don't find it, let us know.

Again, double-check everything before you submit,.  You will not be able to revise any part of your application once it is submitted

If you experience problems with any part of this process, please contact us with your issue.   We welcome your comments for improvement.

Thank you for applying.  Once more - Please make sure your application documents include ONLY the items requested. DO NOT include transcripts, letters of reference or presentation materials.

We will keep you informed at every stage of the process.

Remember, contact us with questions.  It is inappropriate to contact board members. 

Scroll down until the phrase, "I have read and will comply" appears in a blue bar.  Press the blue bar and you will be directed to the application form.

Apply Online

Applying for: Superintendent, Zavalla ISD (AES-1599496696)

1. Your Information

2. Your Experience

2a. Current District

2b. Previous Positions (Most Recent First)

2c. Suspensions, Revocations and Dismissals

Have you ever had a diploma, credential or certification denied, revoked, suspended, or flagged by an authorizing agency?

Have you ever entered into a separation agreement or resigned in lieu of termination with any school district?

Have you ever been dismissed or asked to resign in lieu of dismissal from any teaching or administrative position?

3. Required Documents

All submitted documents must be Microsoft Word, Word compatible, or PDF document. Do not submit zip files, or links to online resources (Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.).

  • A detailed letter of interest specific to the school district for which you are applying (MSWord, PDF)
  • Resume (MSWord, PDF)
  • Copy of your Texas superintendent certification (MSWord, PDF, Image)
  • List of references from recent employers with daytime and nighttime telephone numbers (MSWord, PDF)
  • Status of your current contract including time remaining, salary, and benefits package (MSWord, PDF)

Click the "Select file..." button below the label for the designated document to invoke the file browser. Your document name will appear in the button when the control is ready. All files will be uploaded when the application is submitted.

Warning: Do not upload documents containing Social Security Numbers or other highly confidential data!

Note: If you have all 5 required items in a single document, please use the "Letter of Interest" button to upload this file.

4. Consent and Submit

I authorize Arrow Educational Services, Inc. and the board members of the school district for which I am applying to communicate with all my former employers, school officials and persons who have knowledge of my professional qualifications and to furnish any/all information regarding me, including information contained in my personnel file. I hereby release all employers, schools and individuals from any liability for any damage whatsoever resulting from giving such information.