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TASA Executive Director Job Description

Texas Association of School Administrators Job Description

Job Title: Executive Director

Reports to: Executive Committee through the President

Primary Function: Provide overall leadership and direction in the implementation of the vision, mission, and goals of the Association.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

          1. Serve as the chief executive officer for the Association.

          2. Ensure that the Association’s business is conducted in conformity with Association policies, the constitution and by-laws, and applicable laws and regulations.

          3. Be responsible for a complete and accurate record of the proceedings for all meetings of the Association and all meetings of the Executive Committee.

          4. Receive all monies due to the Association, make an annual financial report to the Association at its annual meetings, keep all funds of the Association deposited in a designated bank, and disburse funds of the Association in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices.

          5. Actively promote the Association’s Strategic Framework and Long-Term Strategies, as adopted by the Executive Committee.

          6. Facilitate the work of TASA-related entities, including the Texas Leadership Center, the Texas High-Performance Schools Consortium, and the Texas Performance Assessment Consortium.

          7. Actively promote membership in the Association and, as the chartered state affiliate, actively promote membership in AASA.

          8. Represent the Association through written and oral communications in pursuit of the Association’s vision, mission and goals.

          9. Develop and maintain effective communication and relationships with other professional associations and business and lay organizations, as appropriate and necessary to the success of the Association.

          10. Maintain effective communication with the membership, interpret positions of the Association, arrange membership and committee meetings, and develop ways to increase member engagement.

          11. Maintain effective relations with the Texas Association of School Boards, including the planning of the annual TASA-TASB Convention and TASB entities endorsed by the Association.

          12. Develop and maintain effective relations with public officials, state boards and agencies, including the Texas Education Agency and the State Board of Education, providing recommendations on education issues, participating in the development of legislative positions and representing the Association’s interest in legislative and rule-making processes.

          13. Provide direction in the development and implementation of association programs and services, including legal services, technical assistance, advocacy, member engagement, and professional learning.

          14. Promote and maintain a corporate partner program for companies engaged in delivering programs and services to school districts, providing opportunities for their representatives to connect with TASA members at Association events, while also generating substantial revenue for the Association.

          15. Perform other duties as directed by the Executive Committee, or which may be required by the Constitution.