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Executive Director Posting

 Texas Association of School Administrators
Executive Director Search



The Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) Executive Committee is seeking an individual to serve as the TASA Executive Director who will continue to lead TASA toward the future envisioned through the work of the TASA 2025 Task Force (see below for more information) and build upon the reputation the organization has built as a highly effective and respected, influential force in Texas.


The search is being led by Dr. Russell Marshall, president of Arrow Educational Services, Inc., assisted by Jim Dunlap, chief operating officer and lead consultant. Final selection of the executive director will be made by the TASA Executive Committee.


Selection Timeline

Applications accepted December 1, 2017, through January 26, 2018

Interviews conducted in February 2018

Selection announced in February 2018


Basic Qualifications

Earned BS or BA degree plus a master’s degree from an accredited university required   

Excellent communication skills

Ability to develop strong interpersonal relationships

Strong speaking and writing skills and ability to speak to large groups

Ability to exercise good and timely judgment in complex situations

Ability to develop and sustain strong partnerships with other education, business, and
lay organizations

Ability to function in an environment that requires flexibility and multi-tasking to achieve objectives in rapidly changing circumstances

Preferred Candidate Profile

The TASA Executive Committee seeks an experienced, well-qualified individual who is willing to commit an amount of time to the TASA membership to:

Continue and expand upon a vision for the future of both public education and the Association.

Implement innovative practices that will improve the organizational performance outcomes of TASA and ongoing initiatives.

Demonstrate an understanding of the legislative and political process and foster positive relationships with members of the executive and legislative branches. 

Command a strong work ethic and communicate with, recognize, respect, and utilize talents of others.

Continue and expand upon positive experiences with strategic business/corporate sponsor partnerships.

Demonstrate excellence in oral and written communication skills.

The TASA Executive Committee will give preference to an experienced, successful Texas superintendent.





Job Description

The primary function of the executive director, who reports to the TASA Executive Committee through the TASA president, is to provide overall leadership and direction in the implementation of the vision, mission, and goals of the association. Major duties and responsibilities include:


Serve as the chief executive officer for the Association.

Ensure that the Association’s business is conducted in conformity with Association policies, the constitution and by-laws, and applicable laws and regulations.

Be responsible for a complete and accurate record of the proceedings for all meetings of the Association and all meetings of the Executive Committee.

Receive all monies due to the Association, make an annual financial report to the Association at its annual meetings, keep all funds of the Association deposited in a designated bank, and disburse funds of the Association in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices.

Actively promote the Association’s Strategic Framework and Long-Term Strategies, as adopted by the Executive Committee.

Facilitate the work of TASA-related entities, including the Texas Leadership Center, the Texas High-Performance Schools Consortium, and the Texas Performance Assessment Consortium.

Actively promote membership in the Association and, as the chartered state affiliate, actively promote membership in AASA.

Represent the Association through written and oral communications in pursuit of the Association’s vision, mission and goals.

Develop and maintain effective communication and relationships with other professional associations and business and lay organizations, as appropriate and necessary to the success of the Association.

Maintain effective communication with the membership, interpret positions of the Association, arrange membership and committee meetings, and develop ways to increase member engagement.

Maintain effective relations with the Texas Association of School Boards, including the planning of the annual TASA-TASB Convention and TASB entities endorsed by the Association.

Develop and maintain effective relations with public officials, state boards and agencies, including the Texas Education Agency and the State Board of Education, providing recommendations on education issues, participating in the development of legislative positions and representing the Association’s interest in legislative and rule-making processes.

Provide direction in the development and implementation of association programs and services, including legal services, technical assistance, advocacy, member engagement, and professional learning.

Promote and maintain a corporate partner program for companies engaged in delivering programs and services to school districts, providing opportunities for their representatives to connect with TASA members at Association events, while also generating substantial revenue for the Association.

Perform other duties as directed by the Executive Committee, or which may be required by the Constitution.


Required Travel

Frequent travel is required, including participation in regional meetings and conferences throughout Texas. Occasional national travel is required in conjunction with meetings and events conducted by the American Association of School Administrators and other educational leadership organizations.

Application Process

Only five items are required and must be submitted electronically. Each document must be Microsoft Word or compatible. Please: No zip files, no Google docs, etc.

A detailed letter of interest specific to the TASA Executive Director position


Copy of your current certifications

List of references from recent employers with daytime and nighttime telephone numbers

Status of your current contract (time remaining, salary and benefits package)

Following instructions is important. Please submit ONLY the documents requested in the format requested before January 26, 2018.  

DO NOT SEND ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS (transcripts, letters, newspaper articles, etc.) You will be contacted if we need additional information beyond what is listed above.

Submit the five items requested in Microsoft Word or compatible documents ONLY and email to EACH of the following addresses, asking for confirmation of receipt:

To contact Arrow by telephone: Jim Dunlap (903-746-4392); Dr. Russell Marshall (903-237-8154)

The Texas Association of School Administrators is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.

All applicant information is the property of Arrow Educational Services, Inc. and will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

About TASA

The Texas Association of School Administrators is a 501(c)6 nonprofit professional association established in 1925. Today, TASA is the premier professional organization for education leaders in Texas. Serving nearly 3,000 members, TASA provides networking and professional learning opportunities, legislative advocacy, and targeted communications to support the work of superintendents and other school leaders. The TASA membership includes more than 90 percent of the superintendents of schools and more than 1,500 district-level and campus administrators and other key education leaders throughout the state. 

The organization’s mission is to promote, provide, and develop leaders who create and sustain student-centered schools and develop future-ready students.

We believe that:

A quality public education is critical to a healthy democratic society and vital to our state and nation.

The development of leadership capacity is critical to the success of Texas public schools. 

Dynamic partnerships are necessary to carry out our work.

We must cultivate a broad network of allies committed to strengthening public education in our state and nation.

The participatory nature of the organization is vital to the success of our mission.

The ideals described in Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas are the compelling principles that guide our pursuit of these enduring aspirations.

Background on the TASA 2025 Task Force Work

In 2016, recognizing the need to chart a long-range direction for TASA as the organization nears its 100th anniversary in 2025, the TASA officers began the process of creating a long-range plan that would ensure TASA’s continued success and align Association operations with the vision for public education that TASA has championed since 2008, when Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas was released.


For nearly a decade, the visioning document, as it is called, has inspired school leaders to transform Texas public schools so that they foster student-centered learning and develop future-ready graduates, and it has become integral to TASA’s vision, mission and beliefs.


The past year of work by the officers and the TASA 2025 Task Force has yielded a strategic framework that lays out TASA’s aspirations and outlines the long-term strategies the association will use to reach those aspirations by 2025, TASA’s centennial year.


The framework resulting from the task force’s work identifies three strategic areas (professional learning experiences, community and policy advocacy, and member engagement and support), and declares aspirations that are aligned with those strategic areas:


By 2025, TASA aspires to cultivate a …

Cohesive, nationally recognized professional learning system that builds leadership capacity and a culture of transferable learning.

Deeply engaged membership that self-organizes around creating the highest level of leadership performance.

Diverse and extensive collaborative of champions equipped to advocate for an educated citizenry.


The framework also includes the long-term strategies that TASA will use to achieve these aspirations by 2025 – the results of which should benefit TASA members, the association as a whole, and Texas public education in the years to come:

Cultivate purposeful networks of leaders engaged in meaningful work that advances the principles in the New Vision for Public Education.

Recruit local advocates to connect with legislators and accelerate grassroots public school advocacy efforts.

Engage, mobilize, and collaborate with partners to advance effective education policy.

Encourage and support regional, participant-led experiences that increase access to learning and networking opportunities.

Develop a robust onboarding and mentorship experience that deepens personal connection to the association.

Implement an adaptive process to assess and design learning opportunities that align with the various career pathways of members.

Curate a “living library” of innovative transformational leadership practices from which leaders can learn from each other.


These details of the new TASA Strategic Framework, along with a fresh new look for TASA, will be unveiled and celebrated at the 2018 Midwinter Conference in January, then shared more widely through TASA’s various communication channels following the conference.